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Ascentium is specifically designed to help financial services professionals and their Medicare affiliates market and offer Medicare products.

At a time when seniors have access to nearly unlimited information, it is vital to stay both compliant and relevant through prospecting, ongoing education, and high-quality processes and procedures.

How can Ascentium help your firm and Medicare affiliates?

With Ascentium, your clients don't need to leave your office to find an insurance agent who can help them make critical healthcare decisions. Instead, they need only walk down the hall to speak with your in-house Medicare affiliate.

With this symbiotic relationship, your Medicare affiliates will be well positioned to help your current clients, while also introducing qualified prospects to your broader firm.

And what if all of this could be done with a strategic partner who handled the business infrastructure?

With Ascentium Insurance Solutions, that's exactly what you get. Click here to learn more.

Here's how Ascentium works:

Ascentium assists in training your in-office Medicare affiliate.

Your Medicare affiliate will be prepared to sell standardized Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, and drug plans.

Ascentium helps you develop a variable compensation strategy for your affiliate and assists in payroll services accordingly.

Ascentium's user-friendly and seamless processes and procedures keep everyone at your firm focused on their clients, and the work they are passionate about, without creating additional time-consuming tasks.

Your Medicare affiliate gathers information about the clients retirement plan and risk tolerance, ensuring a holistic view of their financial health.

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